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Par JEFFERY, le 01-08-2012 à 19:04

I m coustumer for your campany,i bought server cs 1.6,when i want to run the server and i press the start button doesn't start,i need help for start my server

Utilisateur Par Trecool, le 01-08-2012 à 19:43


Do you have install AMXMOD? a plugin? or another software?
Please check your server.cfg to eradicate any error and restart your server with the dashboard.
In other word, make sure your configuration is right because generally mTxServ servers doesn't crash for nothing...

If you still have a problem after that, please send a ticket to the mTxServ support.
Thank You.



Utilisateur Par JEFFERY, le 01-08-2012 à 20:18

i m not install amxmod is necesary for install amxmodx ? if the installation of this plugin server runing ?

Utilisateur Par JEFFERY, le 01-08-2012 à 20:23

i m not install anything just i install cs 1.6,when i need start server is not respond i don t know why ! when i install amxmodx server is runing ?

Staff mTxServ Par Snk, le 01-08-2012 à 20:46

You server is actually online, it's just a bug from the panel that make the website considering it's offline.

You should be able to connect to it, let's try.

Utilisateur Par Trecool, le 01-08-2012 à 20:48


If you have installed your server without plugin and with the default configuration of mTxServ, the server should start...

Please send a private ticket to mTxServ administrator via this link :

Thank you



EDIT: Problem Resolved :) Have fun !

Staff mTxServ Par Snk, le 01-08-2012 à 20:52

JEFFREY, may you contact the support please about Paypal issue. If you don't, your server will be stopped tonight.
Thanks in advance.


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